New name, same game!

Hi all! While we've received a lot of amazing feedback during our Kickstarter, one of the bigger pieces of advice that's stuck out is that we should probably consider renaming the game--obviously not the ideal situation, but I can definitely see it and it's better to do it now rather than later.

Bevontule's a cool word and all, but it has very little recognition, people tend to not remember it and people tend to not be able to pronounce it. So we wanted to pick something that's more... 'normal.' Lately we've been focused on the name "Wellspring"-- and this has a special significance, as 'wellsprings' are the latent energy 'pools' found throughout the continent of Onich.

After getting a large amount of feedback on our various social media pages, we've opted to go with the name "Wellspring: Altar of Roots!" We think this will help us going forward in terms of marketing and overall visibility!

Until next time,