New Website and Steam Page

With a looming Kickstarter campaign we've been busy adding loads of content to our upcoming demo as well as images and material to wow everyone in the coming months. Somehow, in addition to all of that, we've managed to update and expand our web presence!

In case you haven't noticed, you're looking at the all new Bevontule website! We've streamlined it to focus on the game itself as well as allow us to get news to you in a more efficient (and aesthetically pleasing) manner. Speaking of: If you are interested in Bevontule's progress or want reminded when our new demo is released then subscribe to our newsletter! You can find the subscription form here, or on the top of most Bevontule web pages.

We also finished setting up our Steam page (thanks again for all of the support during the Greenlight campaign)! Its incredibly exciting to have a presence on such a massive marketplace and, of course, adding us to your wishlist on Steam is another way to keep updated on Bevontule's progress.

Thanks for checking in and be sure to stay updated! We've got some exciting times ahead of us.


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